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OPD Facility

A patient needs to register himself/herself at the main reception in order to avail the out patient facilities offered by Nakshatra Cardiac center

Diagnostic Facility

Nakshatra offers modern and streamlined diagnostic facilities to the patients and the general community. Our comprehensive range of services includes Pathology, Digital X-ray, Sonography and Doppler etc.


Our Pharmacy Department is comprised of a team of Pharmacists and Pharmacy Technicians who work together to provide medication distribution and clinical services to the patients using a pharmaceutical care model.


Deneb Diagnostic collects and process specimens for in-house and referred out testing, and technologists provide diagnostic analysis and result interpretation using specialized state-of-the-art equipment and gold standard technologies.


It is started in 2016, situated at 37 FA, Sch. No. 94 Piplihana Square, Ring Road, Indore (M.P.). Owner/ M.D. of the hospital is/are Dr.Niranjan Garg And Dr.Sarika Agrawal. At present it has OPD and diagnostic facilities. In OPD services - general physician, cardiology and pediatric consultation are available. In diagnostic facilities :-

  • Pathology (include all blood and urine examination)
  • Digital X-ray
  • Sonography and Color Doppler.
  • P.F.T.
  • All Cardiac tests – ECG,ECHO,TMT,HOLTER are available.

Apart from these facilities, you will also get complete vaccination,various Health cheakup packages and Membership card facilities also.In membership card,you will get 20% discount on all diagnostic tests.
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Clinic in numbers

We can talk for a long time about advantages of our clinic before other medical treatment facilities.
But you can read the following facts in order to make sure of all pluses of our clinic:



Dr. Niranjan Garg is the best Cardiologist in Indore. He did MBBS from Gwalior, M.D. from –BHU ,D.M.- Manipal and FNB –Escort Hospital, New Delhi. He was topper in throughout his education. After completion of FNB he joined Max Hospital Delhi as a cardiologist and take special training in Pediatric Cardiology and ECP. Apart from doing adult cardiac intervention,he also do Pediatric Cardiac intervention .He is Master in Radial Angiography and angioplasty.

Interventional Cardiologist

Dr. Sarika Agrawal is child specialist indore area. She did her M.B.B.S. and D.C.H.(Post Graduation in Pediatrics) from N.S.C.B. – Medical College, Jabalpur .After that she joined Batra Hospital ,New Delhi and worked as a senior registrar for 1 year. She can manage all neonatal and Peadiatric emergencies very well. In 2012 she shifted to Indore with Dr. Niranjan Garg and started private practice.


Why do you required child specialist at the time of birth of the baby.
To handle any complication and routine care of the baby. Type of complications –
• Risky baby- Preterm baby (<36 week)
Post term baby (>42 week)
• Caesarian section baby (LSCS)
• Twins baby
These babies may have complication during birth. Many more complications may occur during birth. To handle these complications a child specialist must be present at the time of birth.
• Breast milk is the ideal milk for the new born baby.
• Start breast feeding (BF) as soon as possible immediate after birth.
• After delivery first 2-3 days breast milk known as colostrums. It is highly nutritive and must not be discarded.
• Do not give Janamghuti, water, and honey to the new born baby.
• Do not give cow /goat milk to the baby.
• If breast milk is not coming consult to your Pediatrician.
• Feed every 2-3 hourly.
• Baby should be burped for 10-15 min after each feeding.Breast hygiene should be maintained.
• Exclusive breast feeding (only breast milk) should be continuing up to first 6 month of life.
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Please select a doctor
According to Doctor you have to choose Date and Time Given Below.
OPD Timings of Dr. Niranjan Garg :-
  • Monday to Friday:
  • Afternoon 1.30 - 5.00 PM
    Evening 7.00 – 9.00 PM

  • Saturday -
  • Morning 11.30 - 12.30 PM
    Evening 8.30 PM – 9.30 PM

  • Sunday - 11.00 AM - 1.00 PM
  • (Only for emergency patients)

    OPD Timings of Dr. Sarika Agrawal ( Garg) :-

  • Monday to Saturday:
  • 10.30 AM – 1.30 PM
    6.00 PM – 9.00 PM
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